It’s Friday!

Slice of Life Tuesday

When I was teaching full time in the classroom, I always had one goal to have my desk cleaned off by the end of the week. That doesn’t mean just putting the papers, folders, pens and pencils away. It mean having all of the tasks, even the ones on posted notes stuck to things, finished. I had the organizational process down to a science. Materials for the next week’s lessons and the following week were neatly put into hanging folders. Students’ portfolios had comments posted. Flexible groups for reading were assigned for class on Monday. Changes to the classroom were completed. I could see the top of my desk with one or two items neatly placed.

My desk looks so different this Friday and every Friday. Which made me realize that as my life changes, I am changing. I like that things don’t stay the same. I have different responsibilities with my job. My family has grown with new daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. I have new neighbors. You get the idea. Just like the changes on the desk evolved slowly so did my flexibility, resourcefulness, and creativity. As I broaden my view, the results are so magical. They may look messy at times a true work in progress. Things may be perfectly organized and wrap up like a beautiful gift box with a bow. It’s just fun to live in the moment and watch life unfold.

The clock is ticking so I must chip away at the jobs on my desk. I doubt that it will be cleaned off at the end of the day. After all, there is so much life to live moment by moment.




I graduated with an MS degree in Elementary Education from SIUE. I have endorsements for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Middle School. I am certified to teach K-9 and Gifted Education. Over the years I have taught Kindergarten - Fifth Grade. Now I am currently a Literacy Coach, who works with a wonderful group of teachers.

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