The World Is a Book

Last summer my husband and I took a trip to southern France and Spain in June. Of course, we archived our experiences with digital photography. When we returned to the States, I made sure that our photos were backup and secured for future viewing. These photos have sat in their own little world for almost a year, until last week.

It all started when my husband decided that he wanted to see the photos from the trip. What prompted this thought from out of the blue? He was not content to watch a slide show on the computer, but preferred a book. Yes, he had remembered the elaborate scrapbooks from past trips to London, Paris, and Mexico. So he wanted to relive this trip as well as Greece and Scotland through the colorful, captioned, story filled pages of a book. What a daunting task! Organizing pictures, gathering slips of paper and notes from the daily diary, trying to recall these moments of time, and putting it all together into one finished project-A BOOK For EACH COUNTRY.

So with the school year ending and the first week of summer vacation, I had a choice to make. I could start cleaning the windows, weeding the flower beds, trimming the bushes, cleaning out the storage space, or take out the photos and create a book of memories. I choose the latter. The first stop was  Catalonia, with a history dating back to the early Middle Ages. As I viewed each photo my mind took me back to the moment, the feel of the hot air and lively sounds of laughter and conversations in another language. The taste of Sangria, distinctively different from any here in the States. The endless number of stairs to climb through tiny corridors each leading to a hidden vista. It was as if we were there taking the photo and living the moment. Each passing hour seemed like minutes.


He viewed the five completed pages, reading the story lines, slowing looking at every detail in the pictures. “See how much better it is looking at them while holding a book.” So as the pages turned in both directions throughout our conversation, I felt that same special magic of viewing the trip in a book. So I better get moving on to Barcelona, southern France, Greece, and Scotland. We’ll relive these trips page by page in the books. Then I am ready to put on my traveling shoes, find the next adventure, and create another book.

Slice of Life Tuesday



I graduated with an MS degree in Elementary Education from SIUE. I have endorsements for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Middle School. I am certified to teach K-9 and Gifted Education. Over the years I have taught Kindergarten - Fifth Grade. Now I am currently a Literacy Coach, who works with a wonderful group of teachers.

2 thoughts on “The World Is a Book

  1. Wow- what a fun first project for summer. The photo you shared is beautiful. And I love that looking back through the photos brought back so many specific and detailed memories. I predict this is going to be a really fun project (better than cleaning out the storage space!).


  2. I think your husband is right. It is better to look at photos in a book. I’ve never been a scrapbooker, but I don’t even put photos in an album any more since most are just stored on my computer. It is nice to be able to look through a book of memories.


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