Lasting Nuggets from a Teacher


Recently I met one of my former students. At first I did not recognize him. Then he introduced himself, and I flashed back to the first grade boy in my classroom. How he had changed? He was so grown-up and working at his dream job. Of course, we were both excited to see each other.

He began to reminisce about his time in the classroom with me.  He recalled the Snoopy bulletin board, the yellow benches where he read books, the art easel in the corner, and so much more. I just marveled at the numerous, detailed memories he recollected. Then he said, “You know what I remember most about you as my teacher?” I thought he would probably say that I taught him to read his first book. Maybe he would mention how he learned to add or subtract? What could it be? I waited with eager anticipation for his answer. Then he said, “You were the only teacher who even let me play with clay!”

I remember my Kindergarten teacher gave me big, fat crayons for drawing. They were wonderful! I remember my first grade teacher always pinched my cheek and told me how cute I was. That still hurts to think about it today. I remember my second grade teacher gave us beautiful certificates for memorizing lots of different information. I wish that I had kept them. I remember my third grade teacher had us put book covers on our text books and cellophane over our multiplication chart to protect it. These were the day before laminating machines. Each one left a lasting nugget in my box of treasured memories.

All of us remember different things about the teachers who played such an important part in our lives. I am thankful that they taught me so many things. All of those memorable moments are woven into the tapestry of my life.


No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude- Alfred North Whitehead

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I graduated with an MS degree in Elementary Education from SIUE. I have endorsements for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Middle School. I am certified to teach K-9 and Gifted Education. Over the years I have taught Kindergarten - Fifth Grade. Now I am currently a Literacy Coach, who works with a wonderful group of teachers.

2 thoughts on “Lasting Nuggets from a Teacher

  1. What a special memory your former lovely shared with you! I’d love to run into some of my former kiddos, but I live many miles away from them. Chance meet-ups aren’t really a possibility. (Thankfully, Facebook keeps me informed about some of their whereabouts.)


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